Viva Las Vegas, What Happened in Vegas, and other admirable turns-of-phrases often give the same meaning; that going to Vegas is often an incredible experience, one that you’ll never forget. Which is why it seems apt that Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience takes place there—it’s the perfect setting for exploring what’s possible with bigger, better, and more dynamic customer experiences with Oracle and its affiliates. Swrve is a proud partner of Oracle Marketing Cloud, and together, we steer an integration that allows for exciting gains in mobile engagement, retention, and growth for global brands. 

Why should you attend?

Global brands attend Modern Customer Experience to understand how to leverage the industry’s richest datasets and adaptive intelligence to deliver irresistible, consistent, and connected customer experiences. Taking place over three days, the conference is made up of a series of deep-dive workshops, demos, inspiring thought leadership discussions and talk tracks, and limitless networking. Plus, the concerts aren’t too bad either.

Why is Swrve attending?

At Swrve, we know good customer experiences when we see them. They are the life and breath of our platform and we strive for every brand to make every, individual customer experience relevant, memorable, and most importantly, profitable. 

The Swrve platform integrates seamlessly with Oracle Marketing Cloud to elevate experiences on mobile. Swrve’s rich, real-time push notifications, in-app messages, A/B testing, real-time behavioral tracking, and powerful analytics are tripling revenue and engagement for today’s leading brands. Using this integration as well as Swrve’s real-time targeting and triggering capabilities, The Movember Foundation tripled engagement in their mobile users. 

Learn more about our partnership, and meet us there at booth MAR-13, for more details and an exclusive demo of our platform.