Like me you're probably convinced that 'pop out' side menus on mobile are the way to go. Could there be a better way to use scarce screen space effectively and still ensure users know a nav is there and access it easily?

Well, like me you are probably wrong. Or at least, you could be. As Swrve customer Anthony Rose of Zeebox makes clear in this awesome piece on TheNextWeb. We've covered the ability of A/B testing to turn received opinion on its head before, and this could be the perfect example of that effect. After all, 'hamburgers' and their associated menus are now almost a standard on mobile. But just because that's the case, doesn't mean it is right for your own business. As Zeebox discovered, when served the side nav version of the app:

Weekly frequency was down. Daily frequency was down. Time spent in app was down. The side nav was as big a disaster as the first time round.

So always test those assumptions. Oh, and our absolute favorite bit:

For mobile app A/B testing, we use Swrve – it’s the most sophisticated A/B testing product I’ve found. It provides not just useful features like Goal Seeking (the A/B test server can automatically switch all users to the best option once a clear winner has been determined) but Swrve also lets you serve customised experiences for every individual user.