We’re hugely excited to have announced the Swrve Open Platform last week at the Open Mobile Summit in S an Francisco.

What it means is Swrve is even easier to work with than ever. On the principle that “the worst thing you can build is an island” we’re working with multiple partner organizations to ensure that the data you collect on mobile is shared with your other channels, and vice versa. That means integrated, smart marketing campaigns built on a 360° view of the customer, and using whatever communications channel is relevant at the time. And it means we work seamlessly with the marketing technologies you already know and love.

And we’ve partnered with like minded visionaries who believe that marketing platforms should be open.  At launch we’re already onboard with Marketo and Oracle/Eloqua, two of the world’s leading marketing automation and email service providers. We’re also working with TUNE and AppsFlyer, market leaders in attribution tracking, Tableau for data visualization, marketing activation platform Lytics, and many more. Together these relationships put mobile data at the heart of the marketing ecosystem.

The Holy Grail

We’ve grown used to the idea of the data-driven business. But for too long we’ve also had to accept that we can only apply data driven marketing within one channel at a time. Emails are informed by behavior online, push notifications by what happens in the mobile app. And at times that has marketers - and customers - tearing their hair out in frustration.

That changes with the Swrve Open Platform. By easily exchanging data across channels we now have full visibility of what each customer does, on each channel our business supports. That means more relevant, timely campaigns than ever before, finally built on the full picture of each customer.

It’s what marketers have been waiting for. If you’d like to see what we’re talking about first hand, why not check out our site for more details. And if you want to get on board as a partner - get in touch. We’re looking forward to talking to you.