With over 30,000 attendees at #GDC19 it’s no wonder that those of you who attended left with some inspirational ideas, fresh perspectives for your own development, and an exhausted high akin to that of discovering the next Candy Crush (alright, maybe not quite that high).  

Our experts in mobile met with over 200 attendees throughout the week. While there, they showcased how Swrve’s features evolved to support those games and led to sharp increases in revenue and gamer retention. 

As the longest running gaming conference in the industry, GDC is well known for being a melting pot of networking, yes, but also jam-packed with learning with speakers, lectures, seminars, workshops, and showcases happening all day across the five-day long conference. As it may surprise no one, the focus this year was what will lead the industry in 2019: future innovations around VR and AR, bespoke ideas in their infancy, and the next phase for strategies like gamification, monetization, and retention for our next generation of gamers.

Games have been the innovators in the mobile space since the 2000s, and if we took anything away from GDC this year, it's that the spirit of innovation is alive and well in today’s community of developers, marketers, and engineers. And it is also clear that relevance is the new currency in today’s games’ experience economy, as it’s been proven to increase revenues by transforming average players into VIP gamers. At Swrve, we look forward to supporting games companies by delivering more relevant experiences to their gamers in real-time across mobile, web, and other devices.