Emojis, once thought of as a passing trend, popular with teens, have become another language on mobile - a language that this generation of consumers speaks fluently. So we’re delighted to announce that Swrve now supports emojis! It’s well known that by communicating with your users in this simple and personal way, you’re adding a human touch to the conversation that increases the likelihood of direct engagement with the message.

Not only will it be possible for the Oxford dictionary’s Word Of The Year 2015 to be inserted into push notifications, emojis will also be supported in location based campaigns and in in-app conversations.

On a medium where users expect to complete tasks by simply swiping left or right, copious amounts of text won’t cut it. Us mobile users are impatient, and we’ve become used to using emojis as a fast and fun way to chat, respond and express our emotions. It’s surprising, the amount of emotion and context that can be conveyed from a single digital image - often more so than copious amounts of text.

The desire to have and grow this illustrative keyboard is widespread. In fact it’s more of a demand than a desire is some cases! Take Taco Bell’s successful petition last year - via which over 32,000 people acted to have a taco emoji added to the keyboard in order to express a taco craving (or any other taco related emotions for that matter).

In some cases the use of emojis is even innovative for business strategies. Dominos pizza reimagined the online ordering game when they introduced digital emoji ordering, bringing them back into the ring and on top of the competition vying for millennials attention. By thinking about how their users behave and communicate, and integrating that into their brand, they successfully refreshed their ordering system and adapted to communicating with those users in their preferred language - emoji.

We’re excited to see how Swvre customers get creative with emojis in their campaigns! We’ve already got tons of ideas up our sleeves…