Mobile marketing does not usually consist of running one campaign at a time and measuring the results of that campaign before running the next one. If we are to consider mobile as a channel, we know that it is always-on, and that users differ from superusers who use your app on a regular basis, to those users who interact only sporadically with your app, to those users at risk of churn. It’s therefore imperative that mobile marketers create strategies that are user-focused as opposed to campaign focused. 

With Swrve, our customers create multiple campaigns that trigger automatically once granular behavioral targeting and triggering filters are met, meaning that individual users get campaigns that are relevant, and contextual in real time on a 1:1 basis.

To keep track of all of these multiple campaigns that are running all at once, Swrve has updated its campaign tagging feature to make it easier for marketers to track audience segments and campaigns.

Tags are a quick and easy way to organize your campaigns. Using the tags manager in Swrve, marketers can create an agreed upon set of tags then apply them to campaigns during or after campaign setup.

To read more about campaign tagging and how you can use it to manage your mobile marketing campaigns, watch our quick video or read our technical documentaiton here

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