Mobile has become the command centre for all our daily activities. Work, social interactions, entertainment, and leisure now all take place on this one ubiquitous device. For brands it has become the ‘always-on’ channel to reach their customers (for better or for worse), with consumers spending 90% of their daily digital minutes on mobile. But ‘always on’ brings its own challenges. Batch and blast messaging to large, incoherent segments will not work here, which means brands need to work harder to deliver contextual, connected experiences on mobile.

With that in mind, it gives the Swrve team great pleasure to announce the release of our campaign retargeting feature. Unlike standard retargeting features, Swrve’s campaign retargeting helps brands message users based on their exposure to and interactions with any or specific in-app message or push notification campaigns. This adds a deeper level of context and relevance to the mobile experience, and will ultimately result in better, not more, customer touches. 

With Swrve’s campaign behavior filter, marketers can target users who engaged with a specific push notification a few days ago, but did not complete a purchase after, with a relevant cart abandonment campaign to increase in-app purchases. 

Or alternatively, target users who have received specific campaigns, but not interacted with them, with a different campaign to peak their interest and increase in-app engagement.

Unlike standard retargeting engines that support building audiences based on a user’s behavioral and profile information, Swrve’s campaign retargeting gives marketers the option to follow up with customers who might or might not have received, responded to, or been influenced by previous attempts to engage.

For more information about campaign retargeting, read our documentation here.

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