At Swrve, we’re focused on the continuous development of our product so you can always provide the best user experience for your mobile-first customers. We remain at the forefront of the mobile market to proactively meet users’ needs and expectations.

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest product update for in-app messaging. But first, let’s explain how this feature works and how it can benefit your brand.

What is In-App Messaging?

In-app messages are hyper-targeted notifications sent to users while they are directly active in your app. Along with push notifications, they are a vital component of a successful mobile engagement strategy.

Mobile apps use in-app messaging to engage users at the perfect time, facilitate onboarding, share product updates, offer support, promote relevant offers, and more.

Because in-app messages trigger based on real-time user behavior inside your app, they boast even higher engagement rates than push notifications.

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Introducing In-App Message Accessibility

According to the World Health Organization, at least 2.2 billion people worldwide live with some form of vision impairment. This number is only increasing as the population continues to age and grow.

This is one of the reasons why ease of use is a driving force in our product development process, and we always build with the end-user experience in mind.

We have a high bar for accessibility standards here at Swrve and always strive to meet the accessibility criteria defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard.

Alt Text Support

Our latest release includes the support of alt text for in-app messages. For Swrve customers, this means:

  • The option to set an ‘alt text’ value on any image within an in-app message, which is then read aloud by the user’s device when selected.

  • If you want to add more context to your text buttons for the user, you now have the option to set custom alt text values that the user’s device will read aloud in place of the actual button text.

  • If an element contains a call-to-action, the screen reader adds the word ‘button’ after the alt text or text value, so the user knows they can tap on the element. For example, a message that contains a call-to-action with the alt text value ‘Dismiss message’ would be read aloud as: ‘Dismiss message, button.’

Note: the above only applies when the user has VoiceOver (iOS), or TalkBack (Android) screen readers enabled on their device.

In-app message alt text is supported through Swrve's most recent SDK releases: Android 9.4.0, iOS 7.5.1, and React Native 3.2.0. To see how this new feature fits into your campaign build, visit our help center section on adding alternative text to your in-app message campaign.

We hope you enjoy this new product feature. If you have any comments or want to share what else you’d like to see us working on, we would love to hear from you . Get in touch with our support team.

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