At Swrve, we are focused on the continuous development of our product so that you can always provide the best user experience for your mobile-first customers. We remain at the forefront of the mobile market so we can be proactive to users’ needs and expectations.

And so, we’re excited to introduce our newest product update for in-app messaging. But first, let’s explain how this feature works and how it can benefit your brand.

What is In-App Messaging?

In-app messages allow you to communicate with your customers using dynamic, contextual messaging at a time when they are most open to receiving it—while they are within your app. They are highly effective in encouraging users to take action, such as opting in to receive push notifications or visiting another feature of the app.

This makes in-app messaging feel less intrusive and more like part of the overall native app experience. And when the right experience is delivered at the optimal time and place within the app, it becomes useful, relevant and engaging for users.

With Swrve, in-app messages can be completely customized and tailored to match your brand style and voice. They can appear as traditional interruptive modals or pop-up boxes that provide users with an ‘Exit’ button.

You might want to include a cutout shape, brand mascot, or character. No problem—these items can be added as a PNG image that sits natively in the app without interrupting use. These images can then be personalized using custom user properties and deep links for a truly personal and contextual experience. 

Read more about custom user properties here

Introducing Multiline Text

Swrve understands the impact of in-app messaging on customer engagement, which is why we are always looking for ways to enhance the product’s features and capabilities.

We are delighted to introduce our new multiline text feature which allows our customers to add a text box with multiple lines of static and dynamic text to further personalize in-app message campaigns and streamline the campaign creation process.

So, where does this multiline text fit into the campaign design? The campaign must include a background image and—depending on the template selected—one or more types of content. Once you have added your background image, you can add your text (single or multiline) which will display in the text box with options to set the text size, alignment, and overflow behavior.

It’s important to note that text box elements do not have an action, so ensure your content includes an additional image button or text button if you want to include a call-to-action in your message.

To see how this new feature fits into the overall campaign workflow, visit our help center section on creating an in-app message campaign.

We hope you enjoy this new product feature, and if you have any comments or feedback we want to hear from you — get in touch with our support team. Keep an eye on our blog for more exciting product updates and releases throughout the year.