It’s true what they say about the simple things—they really can be the most rewarding. At Swrve we’re proud to build and continuously iterate a product that helps leading enterprises connect with their mobile-first users across virtually any device, platform, or channel. We’re proud to be the purveyors of excellence in this industry, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform and APIs.

Swrve is proactive in keeping up with the mobile market and needs of current customers, which is why we introduced the capability to upload a list of users via CSV file.

Swrve customers can now download lists of their users from virtually any external system, such as a marketing cloud, customer data platform, or engagement suites and upload that list to Swrve to prepare for and launch mobile-first campaigns. 

Upload Users to Your Campaigns With Ease

Not only does this feature make it seamless for our customers to create and launch campaigns, it also opens the door for advanced audience segmentation and targeting. And in a world where brands can (and some still do!) send mass messages to all their customers, it’s the brands that deliver personal, relevant, and contextual experiences that see the best results. 

How Does it Work?

Swrve’s campaign audience builder supports targeting your users based on their historical behavior and user profile data—for example, users who searched for a flight in the last seven days or who have a lifetime spend greater than $50. Our new user lists feature adds the option to target a set list of user IDs, whether from Swrve or an external system.

Create a new list in Swrve, upload a CSV file with specific user IDs you want to add to the list, and then include the list of users when building your campaign audience. For example, upload a CSV containing users who are eligible for a specific offer, and then notify those users with a push notification.

If you’re Swrve customer, you can learn more about User List Import and Targeting by talking to your Customer Success Manager or by reading our technical documentation here.

To learn more about Swrve, and how we can help you power connected experiences across channels, devices, and platforms with ease, talk to one of our experts today