Time matters in the world of mobile apps. For one, you can't assume that any new user will be around for long. Mobile apps - like many digital services - exhibit high rates of early churn: users leaving the app soon after initial install and session start.

Secondly, mobile is perhaps the most 'time sensitive' channel there is for a business. It is used when out and about, and called into action whenever and wherever the user needs the service. There are no second chances on mobile - you either respond appropriately to the user impulse or you don't.

That's why we're hugely excited to announce Swrve in real-time. Put as simply as possible, we process and share events instantly. By events, we mean any user behavior that matters to you. A purchase, a click, a page view - there are no limits. By 'share' we mean that this information is available immediately to the active aspects of the Swrve platform. The campaigns that send in-app messages, or change and personalize user experience.

Put that all together and what does it mean? Maybe a couple of simple examples would be the best way to explain:

  • A user arrives at your app from a specific acquisition campaign - let's say on Facebook. With Swrve, that fact relating to the user can support the targeting of user experience and in-app campaigns from the second the user enters the app. In this instance, we could create, customize and test an on-boarding experience specific to their needs. Given how many users churn early in life, that's a huge benefit.
  • A loyal app user looks at a particular item in your in-app store and then backs out. That's annoying - and until now your only option was to go back hours later with an in-app campaign (or more likely a push notification). With Swrve, you can now change the store presentation to show similar items the moment they abort the purchase, or deliver an in-app campaign on the same prompt, perhaps offering a price reduction

Hopefully I don't need to explain just why acting 'in the moment' in those situations pays dividends. And they are merely the tip of the iceberg.

If you DID want to achieve this instant effect in the past, your only real option was hard-coded responses. But these come with their own problems. It is extremely hard to anticipate all the diverse segments you might wish to create exclusive behaviors for. And messages and UX changes that are hard-coded cannot be adapted on the fly - and cannot be A/B tested.

Swrve gives you the best of both worlds - and is the world's first real-time in-app marketing solution.