The 2019 Gartner Marketing Symposium Xpo™ was more than just a melting pot of the leading minds, vendors, and services in marketing. With 40 different exhibitors, 100 research-driven sessions, and close to 2,000 attendees, Swrve was delighted to play a part in discussions that will shape the future of marketing. Swrve’s Chief Marketing Officer Tara Ryan and Chief Revenue Officer Joe Aleardi were in attendance, and noticed a recurring question that became a common theme throughout the Xpo. 

The question was this: ‘What marketing efforts will produce the highest commercial and incremental value in an environment of complexity and constant change?’

The answer involves what Harvard Business Review refers to as “continuous connection”. Instead of investing in strategically targeted messaging placed in front of consumers in order to guide the buyer journey (similar to the carrot dangled in front of the proverbial donkey), brands across industries face the challenge of inspiring loyalty by providing consumers with interactions that are seamlessly connected across experiences and channels, hyper-relevant, and delivered in real time. 

No easy feat. But brands that embrace this shift have seen revenue growth 3x faster and profit growth over 200 times faster than the S&P 500. Those that don’t, and continue to send messages that are irrelevant to their customers will face the risk of being disintermediated, along with setting themselves up for a loss of $1 trillion in revenue over the next five years.

At the Gartner Marketing Symposium Xpo™, Swrve was delighted to showcase it’s AI-driven  targeting and triggering engine that identifies, interprets, and responds to individual customer needs in real time. Brands like The Movember Foundation have tripled their mobile engagement in a single quarter by relying on Swrve’s path to return on relevance.

See for yourself. Join our live demo to learn how brands are increasing engagement, advancing monetization, and securing more market share with Swrve.