Women leaders are taking the tech world by storm. From Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook, to Susan Wojcicki, CEO at YouTube, to Ruth Porat, CFO at Google, there are more fierce women leading teams, pushing boundaries, and driving innovation across the digital landscape. And while women are still in the minority at most leading companies, their impact is felt across departments everywhere. And as more doors continue to swing open for talented mavens in tech, the future feels brighter and more inclusive than ever before. 

To help rising stars prepare for their careers managing our future gadgets, softwares, and networks, the powerful women of Swrve have decided to offer their wisdom. Read on to see what these fierce leaders have to say.

1. Lisa Cleary, Chief Product Officer:

“If you truly want a long career, do the work, and treat your career as if it's a marathon. There’s a lot to learn, and very few shortcuts. Learn the skills you need for each next promotion, job switch, or career change. And if you choose to have a family and want to keep working, find a model for that. You don't need a full mentor for this, but a very good model. This is especially important for women whose mothers didn't work—if you've never witnessed the juggle being done, you'll need a model for what works, what doesn't, and everything in between.”

About Lisa 

An established industry leader, Lisa has a wealth of experience managing product for leading players in the marketing tech space, including Adobe and DemandBase. She’s spent over 15 years managing success in product management, setting new bars for innovation, and developing systems for better collaboration. As Swrve’s product team continues to lead the industry with next-gen capabilities, Lisa will be at helm: guiding, managing, and inspiring others.  

2. Karie Lepito, VP of Global Marketing:

“As a mom of 2 girls I remind them every day to confront traditional ways of thinking. I tell them, you’re strong (AF) and don’t you ever forget it.”

About Karie

Karie is a natural-born leader and marketing visionary. With extensive agency and technology experience, she blurs the lines of art and science to create unique brand experiences that excite, inspire, and move the needle for her team. She’s a true force, leading Swrve’s creative, experiential, and demand gen efforts, all while simultaneously being a voice of reason and a source of wisdom for leaders across departments. @karielepito


3. Christine Pota, Senior Director of Sales:

“Age doesn’t matter—it’s irrelevant. It’s your thirst for knowledge that matters. If you’re finished learning at 24, you’re doing yourself a disservice. If you’re finished learning at 64, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Never stop being a voracious learner. Be surprised and open to what life has to offer to you, because there’s always something new to learn around the corner. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring.”

About Christine

Christine is a strategic, highly committed sales professional with extensive experience driving results for SaaS technologies. Christine uses her strong work ethic, optimism, and consultative approach to inspire action and drive success for customers and peers alike. She sets the bar high for customer satisfaction and service, driving growth and maintaining excellence for sales at Swrve. @cpotab2b


4. Sarah Nels, Senior Director of Sales Operations:

“Ask for lots of advice from all kinds of people. Advice is the one thing people are always willing to give freely—take as much as you can. Be authentic, be vulnerable, and ask for specific things you need and share why. People will respond more generously than you can possibly imagine. I have made the most gains in my career by asking for and listening to the advice of others. These conversations have allowed me to formulate ideas, check my perspectives and biases, and ultimately take an informed step forward toward my goals.”

About Sarah

Sarah leads a strong foundation of key sales processes for rapid and sustainable growth. She’s a treasured source of connectivity and empowerment at Swrve, working across our internal teams to enable operational efficiency; leading sales training, enablement, and performance management, helping to keep our teams on track of goals. 


5. Lori Angle, Sales Development Representative:

“Start off each day with gratitude. When you live a life of all-around thankfulness, whether that be your family, career, friends, experiences, etc. You nurture those relationships even more and find an inner peace that allows you to focus on the important things. I believe wholeheartedly that gratitude breeds success!”

About Lori

Lori is a sharp and focused sales maven with a strong reputation for converting top of funnel leads into dedicated customers. She’s an extrovert who shines brightest when she’s building new relationships, managing multiple accounts, and getting to the heart of what people want and need. She’s never afraid to get down to brass tacks—a trait that keeps her heads above the competition.   

6. Tara Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer:

“Don’t change anything about your amazing self. Pick your battles, stay in your lane and don’t ever compromise your integrity. And don’t forget to ask for what you want.”

About Tara

Tara has overseen marketing, communications, and growth roles at top global technology companies. Named a Top Woman Leader in SaaS by SaaS Reports, Tara creates fantastic formulas for success using her unique and layered understanding of business needs, values, and experiences. She is a focused, intuitive leader that works hard to elevate standards of excellence in marketing, bringing out the best in those around her and delivering powerful results for her team. @trperspectives


7. Mary Bruce, Director of Demand Generation:

“Confidence is key. Pick your battles and stick with your instincts to push forward and keep tasks moving.”

About Mary

Mary is an undeniable catalyst for change and success. With layered experience in marketing, media buying, and account management, she brings a wonderful range of technical expertise and intuitive know-how to every project she touches. She’s a master strategist and a tactful champion of great work and collaboration, keeping our teams motivated and focused on all the right things. 


8. Sarah Little, Business Operations Manager:

“Dare to dream. Believe in yourself—set the bar high and go for it. If you focus on doing your best today, you’ll always do your best.”

About Sarah

Sarah makes sure that employees are heard, supported, and empowered in Dublin and London. In her daily collaboration with general administration, HR, and finance teams, Sarah ensures the smooth operation of Swrve across all functions of the business. Her diligence, positive attitude, and distinctively organized approach to daily operations inspires us all to give our all and do our best within our own individual roles at Swrve.


9. Gina Harrison, Regional Director of Customer Success:

“Never underestimate the power of laughter! I find the best way to diffuse a difficult moment, in my professional career, is to laugh at myself. It reminds me that no one has all the answers and there are always going to be tough decisions and unfair biases, but everyone can come together with a good chuckle. It takes the power away from those that try to make you feel less than. And it never hurts to bring a smile to others!”

About Gina

Gina ensures that Swrve’s customers gain measurable business value with achievable goals, personalized success blueprints, and repeatable programs for continued growth quarter after quarter. Her hands-on approach to solving issues has made her a reliable champion for strategic solutions, and a spirited advocate for success at Swrve. 

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