Those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed this week's announcement detailing a still closer integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which now includes the ability to deliver emails in real-time based on mobile app events recorded by Swrve. That means that enterprise businesses can define and deliver campaigns within Salesforce - a best-of-breed email marketing platform - and yet deliver those campaigns based on the mobile app activity of the user.

Of course, if a customer wishes they can add a delay to the send (for example, if chasing up an abandoned cart) or indeed simply add the relevant user to an email list for future use. Again, as an example, consider adding a user who browses men's clothing on the mobile app to the email list for that line of apparel. Handy, and flexible.

This approach is more evidence of our commitment to letting our customers do things their way. We don't mandate that the leading organizations that use Swrve tear out existing, functional infrastructure. Instead we make sure to integrate tightly and bring mobile intelligence to the party. In fact we're now so tightly integrated it is possible to deliver Swrve campaigns straight from Salesforce JourneyBuilder!

View the full release here.