We're sometimes asked when we’re going to fold best-of-breed data mining and visualization capabilities into the Swrve platform. Our simple answer? It’s already there.

Swrve is a marketing automation tool. The product’s core focus is the creation, targeting and delivery of in-app or push campaigns, and the delivery (and testing) of the UX changes that support them. We’re designed for marketers who don't want to measure numbers so much as move them.

But it’s a fact that a good Swrve implementation will collect a lot of data. Central to Swrve is the idea of delivering deep insight into user behavior, which in turn supports ultra-targeted campaigns that don't just respond to user behaviors: they anticipate them. Now in most cases Swrve users are happy to ‘close the loop’ within our platform itself: events associated with users are used to segment and target, and campaigns are delivered right there and then. But sometimes a deeper dive is required.

That’s why we support a one-click integration with Tableau - the world’s leading data visualization and analytics platform. We don't believe in attempting to re-invent the wheel, and instead we encourage our customers to get data into the right environment for the job they want to do. And if that’s deep analysis, that environment is Tableau.

Here’s how it works. Our UserDB download enables you to download a csv file (with a single click) of all the data events associated with either your entire user base or a random sample of 10,000 users - which you might find more convenient. Remember, you can record almost any event you choose in Swrve, so the data you collect is essentially limitless. No matter how granular you want to get - we're with you!


From then on, it’s a simple case of uploading that data into Tableau and getting to work. It’s not really our place to tell you just how awesome Tableau is, but it provides an easy-to-use and super-intuitive way to uncover relationships and patterns in your data. For example, it’s possible to bin users into ‘meaningful’ device types (iPad, iPhone, popular Android devices and so on), or language groups, and then view data distributions based on those segments.

Better yet, you can find correlations across multiple attributes quickly and easily. That might mean charting lifetime value against device type, or finding which purchases are most popular in specific language groups or countries. And Tableau lets you display those relationships through a variety of chart and diagram types, of which just a couple are pictured. We think it’s by far the smartest and most effective way to ‘explore’ the data Swrve gathers - and give you ideas for future campaigns.

If you want to know more - just drop us a line at sales@swrve.com and we’d be delighted to talk you through it.