May 13th will see Swrve take part in this year’s MMA Impact London, a forum that brings together the best minds in mobile marketing to share tactics on how to drive business success.

As Swrve’s Value Engineer, I will be exploring how recency, frequency, real-time delivery, machine learning, and much more, add to the success of push messaging programs, by delivering added relevance and value for customers.

There will be absolutely no fluff, as I’ll be previewing data from our upcoming “Push Customer Value Playbook for 2019”, derived from the analysis of tens of thousands of Swrve customer campaigns and terabytes of response, behaviour and sales data (all anonymised of course).

Join me at the Riverside Building on May 13th to discover these tried-and-tested mobile marketing techniques and ideas that will immediately add value to your brand’s mobile activation, engagement, retention, and sales programs.

Looking forward to seeing you there!