Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

#Balanceforbetter—that’s what’s trending this year, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s incredibly important to us to not just recognize the talented women in our lives and celebrate their achievements, but to also ensure that the path forward is as balanced and fair as possible. The future should be exciting, not discouraging, and Swrve is dedicated to doing our part to help make that happen.

At Swrve, we’ve built a work environment that’s open, supportive, and empowering for all. We believe that everyone plays a part, and everyone should be respected and appreciated for their contribution to the whole. And so what better time than today to stop, recognize, and celebrate all of the amazing talent and ingenuity coming from the women at our company every single day. Without them, Swrve would not be what it is, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of all they’ve done to lead our teams to success, set standards of excellence, and inspire others in all that they do.

It’s important to us to raise awareness against gender-related issues and prejudices, and take action for equality. Because big achievement starts where bias stops. So if you’re interested in contributing to making positive changes for women in work environments across the globe, please explore Catalyst, a charity dedicated to breaking barriers around the professional advancement of women. They are a choice charity of the International Women’s Day organization.

And please, continue to celebrate the women in your lives, not just today—but everyday. Every story matters. Every role matters. Every contribution does, too.