Being in the right place at the right time has never been more critical for marketers. 

“Geofencing technology is helping marketers bridge the physical and digital divide, enabling the two to work together in real time,” said Swrve CMO Tara Ryan in The Power of Geofence Marketing, a recent CMSWire deep dive into why brands should be investing in location-based marketing strategies. 

Put simply, your customers are always on the move. A surefire way to capture their attention is to use geofencing to deliver an exceptional, hyper-relevant brand experience in real time, while your customers are on the go. One of the most effective ways to deliver real-time relevance is through location-based marketing, with US companies spending $17.1 billion on geo-targeting in their mobile advertising campaigns in 2017. And with that number set to increase to $38.7 billion in 2022, it’s safe to say that if it has not already become part of your mobile marketing stack, it is sure to in the very near future. 

But as popular as it is, geofencing is still not being used to its full potential. Because it’s more than sending one push notification to 1,000 people in the same location—it’s executing a strategy that targets users with meaningful 1:1 engagement, inspiring more purchases and LTV down the line.

In this CMSWire piece, Ryan (who has over 25 years of experience and success in global marketing) shares what’s possible when you combine geofencing with real-time relevance. “Marketers, for example, can use push notifications to send offers to customers in real time, making them relevant to the recipient’s location. The offers could be anything from a promotion at a nearby store to a discount for fast check-in for an airline if the customer is running late.”

At Swrve, we know the value brands can achieve by delivering real-time relevance wherever, whenever your customers choose to interact with your brand. Our leading mobile marketing and customer engagement platform gives brands the ability to be relevant everywhere with an enterprise-grade, location-based targeting engine. By combining three core Swrve features: geo-targeting, geofencing, and beacons, brands can confidently be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message—everywhere.

Get Ryan’s advice for curating effective location-based campaigns in the full CMSWire article. Then, learn how Ryanair increased their app store rating in just 3 months after launching a smart, geo-triggered campaign with Swrve.

For more information on utilizing geo-targeting in your campaigns, talk to one of our location-based marketing experts.