Tara Ryan has led major marketing, communications, and growth successes at top global technology companies, including Skuid, Coupa Software, Proofpoint, and more. Now, as CMO of Swrve, Ryan is at the helm of a fast-growing, agile team, steering meaningful martech disruption and innovation, and optimizing performance for the leader in mobile marketing and customer engagement. 

Join her at this year’s Argyle Marketing Leadership Forum, happening October 22nd in New York City. As a featured speaker at this exclusive, one-day event, Tara Ryan is looking forward to sharing the techniques and strategies she’s used to successfully leverage data, identify opportunities for growth, and execute scalable strategies throughout the years. She’ll be joined by chief decision makers at Harvard Law School, Simon & Schuster, McAfee, Indeed, and others.

This year’s theme, 'The New CMO, Where Performance and Brand Intersect,' reflects exactly what’s been working in today’s experience economy: marketers who drive a perfect balance between driving real-time, performance across channels and maintaining authentic, individualized brand experiences where they count. In her thought leadership spotlight, Tara will share how marketers like herself achieve that balance with real-time relevance, the global approach to hyper-targeted, 1:1 messaging across mobile, web, OTT, and more. 

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