Conventional pay TV continues to decline. Every month, half a million US consumers abandon traditional paid TV bundles in favor of streaming media direct from content providers across a range of streaming media devices and smart TVs. According to Parks Associates, 76% of US broadband households subscribed to an OTT service in Q1 2020, while adoptions of traditional paid TV decreased to 62%.

Roku is the number one streaming platform in the US, as measured by total hours streamed (2020 Kantar Milllward Brown). The Roku OS enables content publishers to release a streaming channel or content worldwide on millions of devices including Roku players, Roku® Streaming Sticks™ and Roku TVs. Swrve’s Roku SDK connects brands with their customers directly on digital streaming channels, enabling brands to build lasting, and valuable relationships, and drive engagement, retention, and revenue with a true, multichannel, contextual customer experience.

Swrve is the only customer engagement platform that connects brands with their customers via OTT platforms and services. Swrve currently supports native in-app OTT messaging on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Smart TV. Unlike mobile app messaging, where users engage with a call to action in the palm of their hands, Swrve provides an OTT focus guide, enabling the user to engage with messages easily using their remote control. 

Swrve’s recent update to its Roku SDK immeasurably improves performance and allows for an easier integration of the SDK into the brand's apps. This is imperative in Covid-19 times, as digital streaming, and subscription services over TV, mobile, and web continue to rise in popularity. Swrve delivers one integrated engagement solution for content providers who stream their content through apps across all these channels. Some of the world’s largest media companies have deployed Swrve into their suite of OTT video streaming platforms and achieved significant results, such as:

  • 200% growth in monthly active users
  • 20.5% increase in time spent viewing
  • 9.5% more movies streamed

If you’d like to learn more about Swrve’s Roku SDK and other OTT services, join us on July 29th for the webinar Real-time Engagement in the Future of On-demand TV Streaming. Swrve experts in OTT services are partnering with media and entertainment experts in Salesforce to discuss strategies on:

  • Orchestration between apps, web, TV bots and traditional contact centres
  • Delivering NBX (next best action, offer, content and experience)
  • Personalising user experiences using over-the-top (OTT) technology, in-app messaging and bots.

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