Why does your brand deserve a place in a customer’s everyday life? There are tons of reasons, but showing them and telling them are two different things. Your engagement and retention strategies should be powerful and dynamic enough to make an impact and actually showcase the true value and relevance of your brand experiences. And most customers actually want you to use data to deliver smarter, more valuable messaging. 

Consider this:

  • 84% of consumers report that brand messages are irrelevant to them (Twilio)
  • 66% of Gen Z customers believe websites will know what you want before you tell them (wpengine)
  • 67% of customers mention bad experiences as a reason for churn, but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain (Huffington Post via Esteban Kolsky)

For these reasons and more, your engagement needs to shine to keep your LTV and conversion rates high. Here are three keys to optimizing these strategies for long-term success:

Treat Customers Like the Individuals They Are

Break away from a one-size-fits-all approach—it simply doesn’t work. And basic personalization just isn’t enough. 

To truly show your customers that you acknowledge and understand them as unique individuals, you have to use past, present, and predictive data to get a 360° view of your customers, and use that to make your campaigns more relevant in real time. The goal is to understand them enough to make a positive difference in their lives—one that is personal and tailored to reflect them and their needs. 

Think about it, a customer who’s enrolled in online bill pay won’t need to receive an in-app message about the benefits of online bill pay, but will probably really appreciate a push notification reminding them when a due date is approaching. Or another customer, who’s flight is in an hour, won’t need a push notification about general travel deals as much as they’ll need one that’s about a gate change or a flight upgrade associated with their upcoming flight. 

It’s all about using the data you have to be personally relevant to them in moments of need, and Swrve is built to help you do that at scale. Our platform imports over 14 billion data points daily to deliver a  360° view of every customer at all times, in real time. And unlike other engagement solutions who see only the outer shell of a new event (like “searched for flights”), Swrve targets and triggers on granular details inside the event (like “searched for 2 tickets to New Orleans in May”) to further refine achieve greater relevance across campaigns.

Turn Moments into Memories with Real-Time Relevance

Your best engagement campaigns are the ones that give customers something to smile about, look out for, and rave about to their friends. They’re the campaigns that go the extra mile in both experience and satisfaction, all happening instantly, in real time

What do these engagement campaigns look like? A customer that’s been eyeing a pair of shoes in the app receiving a push notification alerting her of a discount exclusive to a store in their area. Or someone getting a push or in-app notification with new song recommendations exactly when he’s most likely to listen—during their morning commute. Or a user who’s just reached a new high level in a games app receiving an in-app message telling them he’s eligible to enjoy a VIP player experience. 

Global brands build and deployed campaigns like these daily in Swrve. They’re made possible by Swrve’s unparalleled ability to anticipate customer needs both before and as they occur live and in the moment with your brand. That means we let customer data lead the way. Our live, self-updating audiences deeply refine the accuracy and precision of engagement, allowing you to create and send personalized and hyper relevant messages to customers in their exact moments of need. You’ll never miss a beat; you’ll be there for all the big milestones (like birthdays, holidays, and more), and all the little moments that matter most to your customers. 

Deliver Hard-to-Resist Value with Hyper Targeted Campaigns 

When customers begin lapsing, the goal is to bring them back before it’s too late. 

Data is key. Knowing exactly where customers lapse in their journey with your brand gives you the ability to create hyper targeted campaigns that will be relevant to them. You’ll need insights like past interactions, individual interests and preferences, purchase history, response patterns, and predictive analytics to understand what will attract their attention. Then, you need to deliver your messaging at the optimal moment, exactly when they’re most likely to respond. It’s the difference between sending a (widely ignored) “Is it us?” email to a general audience of lapsed users, and a can’t-resist, hyper targeted brand exclusive via push notification that reminds users why they downloaded your app in the first place.

This is how retention-driven campaigns work in Swrve. Our data-driven approach to targeting and segmentation tells us exactly which offer, item, or brand experience will bring a user back, and keep them coming back for more. In addition, Swrve’s machine learning identifies the mathematical patterns in your customers’ behavioral data to determine the churn propensity of each and every customer, all working to decrease churn and increase revenues and LTV across campaigns. 

Use these tactics with the power of real-time relevance in Swrve, and you’ll exceed expectations campaign after campaign.

Stay tuned for more posts on this subject in our upcoming Swrve Customer Journey blog series, where we’ll explore key routes for:

  • Smart monetization and cross-selling
  • Acquisition-driven customer advocacy

And if you want to skip ahead to see real-time relevance happening across journeys in action, sign up to demo Swrve today