We’ve come to the end of our Swrve Customer Journey series. It’s my hope that you’ve gained a real understanding of what it takes to really meet and exceed the expectations of customers in today’s experience economy. Ultimately real-time relevance is more than just an approach to marketing. It’s a blueprint for how brands can rise to every occasion with something customers will appreciate wherever they are in their journey across channels. It’s a strategy for greeting Lisa with something valuable during her first trip to Columbia, or asking Ross about his experience right as he’s leaving the concert, or sending helpful reminders to Elle that will make her day a little easier. This is all real-time relevance in action. And it’s absolutely critical for standing out and staying ahead in our hyper-connected world.

If you ever need a refresher, here are links to every post in this Customer Journey series:

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Post #5: Drive Acquisition and Boost Revenue with Hyper Relevant Customer Advocacy

Now, I’d like to challenge you to take three actions now that will help your organization begin its advance toward larger conversions, better monetization, and stronger LTV across channels. A few minutes is all it takes to do the following:

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