We’re delighted to announce an expanded integration with Salesforce Journey Builder - meaning that the entire marketing lifecycle is very much together in one place. This is, reasonably obviously, great news for enterprises using Salesforce, as the missing piece of the Marketing Cloud - mobile - is unlocked by using Swrve.

The existing integration, enabling movement of customer mobile data with their Salesforce profiles, has been boosted by adding the ability to trigger Swrve’s mobile messaging tools from Journey Builder.

Salesforce JB Integration

An abandoned cart journey is a good example for retail, so let’s have a look at this scenario. With the Swrve and Journey Builder integration, users who have gone onto your website, put something in their cart, but have not completed their purchase can be retargeted on their mobiles with a personalized and contextualized push notification or an in-app message encouraging them to finally complete their purchase.

Another use case, this time for banks, is when an email has been sent to customers notifying them of planned maintenance to digital services. Not every customer is going to read the email, and therefore not everyone will be aware of the disruption to services. Using the Swrve integration with Journey Builder, a push notification can be sent to the customers who have not opened the email, significantly increasing the chances of reaching the customer. This multi-channel approach raises more awareness of downtime, which ultimately helps customers and eases the burden on call centres and saves money for the company.

Push and IAM

Check out more details of the integrations here.