We’re delighted to announce an expanded integration with Oracle - meaning that the entire marketing lifecycle is very much together in one place. This is great news for enterprises using Oracle, as the missing piece of the Marketing Cloud - mobile - is unlocked like never before by using Swrve.

Swrve shares everything your users are doing in the mobile app with the Oracle Marketing Cloud. That means you have a 360° view of the customer - and blind spots are a thing of the past. Armed with these insights, marketers can engage with users through personalized push notifications and in-app conversations that deepen the relationships with those users. 

Better yet, we also integrate right into the Eloqua Canvas, meaning it is possible to use the tools you love to build multi-channel campaigns that for the first time can be extended to the native mobile app.  

To see how Swrve and Oracle work together, take a look at our practical example in this video, filmed in the Eloqua dashboard:

Check out more details of the integrations here.