This week we announced our new Geo-Location functionality! This gives marketers even stronger segmentation power to send the right message, at the right time, and at the right location. Our partnership with Plot Projects for this service is a perfect match given their leadership in the location-based marketing space.

So, what is Geo-Location?

It’s comprised of three different features, the combination of which allow engagement with users on mobile in the most contextual way - combine location with all our other targeting tools.

  1. Geo-Targeting targets mobile customers based on where they are or where they have been. Picture all users in New York with the same news app receiving a push notification of a storm that will affect the city.
  2. Geo-Fencing targets a mobile user based on their entering or exiting a location. This is a key feature for retail apps, think about a department store targeting shoppers that have just entered a shopping mall, offering them 20% off if they buy something today.
  3. Beacons are a piece of hardware that identifies mobile users nearby that can trigger a message. They bring together the physical and in-app experiences of the brand with communications that are relevant in a very small radius.

Depending on the use case, Geo-Fencing and Beacons can be complementary technologies. Geo-Fences are often used to drive foot traffic into a physical store, restaurant, etc. While Beacons are generally used inside a store to handle communication & activate engagement, allowing marketers to start a campaign using Geo-Fencing, and follow-up using Beacons.

The Huffington Post discussed the importance of location-based marketing earlier this year, “Thanks to built-in GPS capabilities, phones now have the ability to determine a user’s location. In 2015, businesses will learn to use this to reach customers through notifications.

Not triggered at a certain time, but rather when any user who has the app installed enters a certain area, Geo-Location provides a unique selling point which largely increases the likelihood of the user’s experience converting into a sale. It also creates an opportunity to reactivate dormant users since they are now triggered into using the app, not to mention the added bonus of increasing foot traffic thereby driving sales.

Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve, spoke about the impact of the merge of our two platforms, “There are endless possibilities for engaging with users based on their location. Delivering a highly personalized app experience is our top priority at Swrve, and by partnering with Plot Projects to offer Geo-Fencing and Beacon capabilities we’re empowering businesses to reach users on mobile in more contextual ways to drive engagement and conversion.”

If you want to see for yourself the power of our new partnership, contact us for a 1:2:1 demo.