The first decade of “martech-as-a-service” is over. Those of us working in the industry have witnessed amazing innovations that have transformed marketers’ daily work lives, and set the bar high for 2020 and beyond. 

Swrve, founded in 2011, has expanded and grown with each passing year—continually adding valuable features to our real-time mobile marketing and customer engagement platform, and delivering measurable business value to each of our customers. In 2019, we did not slow down and we saw the platform continue its progress and innovation as a leader in our space for the second consecutive year.

Key to this progression in 2020 is kicking off another year of focus, efficiency, and results with our go-to-market team this week in Austin, Texas. 

So what’s top of mind in 2020?

After a string of stellar product advancements in 2019, Swrve is excited to expand on our delivery of tangible, measurable business value for global brands using customer experiences that are relevant in real time.

And while some brands are slow to invest in real-time customer experience (CX) solutions, it’s imperative now more than ever that we change the way that we think about CX. The numbers are clear: 61% of consumers will switch brands if they receive communications that are not personally relevant. Which means batch and blast marketing is really over—the new standard is individualized experiences driven by customer interests, preferences, and behaviors happening across channels in real time.

At Swrve, we don’t believe that driving results should take months or years. We love (and accept) the challenge of earning our clients’ trust right out of the gate, and share in the success they achieve using our platform, expertise, and thought leadership.

We look forward to advancing the CX initiatives of the world’s leading brands in 2020, and redefining what’s possible with real-time relevance, the global approach to tripling mobile engagement and accelerating revenue across industries.  

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