We check our smartphones 150 times a day, 10 times an hour, and once every 6 minutes. The stats are remarkable, but not surprising; just think about your own personal usage, and how hopelessly addicted you are to your 6 inch magical black box. I mean crikey, think about how many clicks and swipes you do everyday! With a powerful analytics solution in place you can track everything that ALL your users do in your app, gathering an intimidating amount of data to say the least.

What we all know by now is that gathering the data is easy, but using it to your advantage is more challenging. This is partly because there is so much of it, but probably more because mobile marketing is still the new kid on the block for a lot of companies, and it can be difficult to gauge what success looks like on mobile. So how do you know if you are doing well, or more importantly not so well?

Thankfully Swrve has gathered and analysed data from the apps using our platform, representing tens of millions of users and many billions of mobile events, which has helped us answer these important questions for you:

  • What is an acceptable benchmark for longer term retention?
  • What’s a decent click-through rate for push notifications?
  • What sort of engagement levels in terms of minutes in app can be expected?
  • What are the comparative spend levels by OS?
  • What is the average revenue uplift of successful A/B testing variants?

We’re sure that you’ll find our conclusions useful, so go ahead and download the Swrve Mobile App Index here. Enjoy!