We’ve been even busier than usual in Swrve this month - we’ve partnered with Movember, attended MAU 2018, and been working on some exciting content that we’ll be launching soon. The world of tech has been pretty busy too: Snap launched its AR filter game Snappables, Google has launched a Gmail revamp, Whatsapp has increased its minimum age limit in Europe to 16 - and that’s just in the last couple of days.

Whilst new and emerging gadgets are exciting, it’s always worth reminding ourselves of best practices of how technology can be put to work for your business. With this in mind, here are five great articles from this month that look at how to leverage mobile and other emerging platforms for marketing and sales success.

Lesson 1 - Embrace multichannel

Ad spending on mobile to surpass TV this year

2 minute read. By Robert Williams. Via Mobile Marketer.

According to eMarketer research, mobile ad spending will make up a third of all ad spending this year, with television following just behind and desktop only accounting for 14.6%. That’s obviously important to note for advertisers, but for other businesses too it’s a clear indicator of the visibility that each platform is receiving. Mobile is the most valuable device (and its dominance is still growing), but other platforms remain relevant, and as long as your users are engaging on multiple channels, the only sensible response is to deliver pixel-perfect interactions on multiple channels too.

Lesson 2 - Invest in new tech 

AR and 3D can help media publishers in their battle against Facebook and Snap

3 minute read. By Ara Parikh. Via VentureBeat.

The fact of the matter is that the big players in the tech industry are very big. Competing with the likes of Facebook can seem a tall order, but smaller media companies are staying in public consciousness with innovative uses of emerging technology. Finding new ways to integrate AR and 3D technologies into apps that bring both novelty and value to users can be a great way of staying relevant, getting noticed, and ensuring that brand engagement rates stay high.

Lesson 3 - Be ready for change 

3 Mind-Blowing Ways AI is Disrupting Mobile Marketing

2 minute read. By Hassan Mansoor. Via Business2Community.

It’s all very well talking about AI as an exciting prospect for the future, but what businesses really want to know is how that technology can be used to help them reach more customers and drive higher ROI. AI has arrived in the mainstream, and this article gives three ways that mobile-first, forward-thinking businesses can make the most of AI, through targeted ads, advanced analytics and personalized journeys.

Lesson 4 - Use your resources wisely

Six big retargeting mistakes marketers should avoid

3 minute read. By Patricio Robles. Via eConsultancy.

Retargeting can be incredibly powerful in encouraging engagement and retention, but it can also be a waste of time and resources if generic retargeting messages are sent out to anyone and everyone. This article points to some of the mostly commonly made mistakes - they’re straight-forward to fix, but can make a big difference to ROI. With segmentation, frequency management and a smart use of promotions, your retargeting could start seeing far higher success rates.

Lesson 5 - Everyone likes being treated as an individual 

A new era of personalization: The hyperconnected customer experience

3 minute read. By Andy Betts. Via MartechToday.

The statistics on personalization are clear - customers demand it, and businesses are in a position to personalize customer experiences like never before. There are three key stages to this: identifying the metrics that will help you know your customers in a way that’s meaningful to your business, gathering and analyzing the available data, and delivering content and experiences that build on these insights. Getting these right results in an experience that feels one-to-one, and that’s where marketing is at its most effective.