It’s cold, it’s wet, and there’s tinsel draped on anything that doesn’t move, which means that it’s December and about time for our latest content roundup. Escape the madness of the holiday period with some of the best mobile marketing and tech news from across the internet, curated into a bite-sized marketing insight that we can guarantee will be more palatable than all that turkey.

This month’s Mobile Marketing Digest includes a helpful chatbot, a case study in converting retail to digital, and a new AR development platform.

How To Find The Best Ways Of Applying Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Applications 

3 minute read. By Ritesh Mehta. Via CustomerThink.

Artificial intelligence is set to be one of the biggest mobile marketing trends of 2018, so it’s worth getting a clear picture of the technology’s capabilities before it becomes an expected part of the marketing sphere. So much of the content you come across on the topic of AI dwells on the more futuristic, sci-fi capabilities, but this piece from CustomerThink offers a straightforward rundown of what AI can really do, and how it will affect the technology market.

Five Psychological Principles To Guide Your Holiday Marketing Campaign 

4 minute read. By Kristopher Jones. Via Forbes.

There is no period more competitive than the holiday season, and this article gives a quick overview of several of the ways you can gain an edge on your competitors. Many of these are things that retailers already do to some extent, but taking a look at the psychology behind why they work is the first step towards being able to put these techniques to work in a far more effective way.

Lego Introduces Ralph - a Messenger Chatbot to Help You Decide What to Buy for Christmas 

1 minute read. By Tyrone Stewart. Via Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Lego have launched a chatbot for the Christmas period that supposedly takes some of the stress out of shopping for presents. By asking a few questions via Messenger, ‘Ralph’ will be able to make suggestions about which Lego products might be a good fit. Not into Lego? Me neither, but Ralph is a great example of another two big trends for 2018 - messaging apps and AI - and an idea of how they might be used together by other businesses.

More soup for you: Campbell to pilot direct-to-consumer model 

3 minute read. By Sandy Skrovan. Via Food Dive.

It’s no secret that e-commerce - and shopping via mobile in particular - have come to dominate retail, and as this article from Food Dive shows, for traditionally bricks-and-mortar businesses it’s a case of adapt or become extinct. Iconic soup company Campbell show how to be proactive about this change, bringing in a digital expert, investing in a e-commerce company, and trialling selling direct to consumers via its website.                                      

Facebook opens AR platform and ‘World Effects’ to all developers 

2 minute read. By Josh Constine. Via TechCrunch.

The battle for AR supremacy is on. If you’ve read our post on 7 mobile marketing trends for 2018 (and, of course, we suggest that you should), you’ll know that augmented reality is set to become even more widespread in apps in the coming year. Facebook’s new platform is intending to rival that of Snapchat and Instagram - a tricky feat, but Facebook are getting smart by embracing third party content and opening their AR up to developers.