Cyber security and protecting personal data is of critical importance across every industry. The last thing anyone wants is their customer’s sensitive personal data falling into the wrong hands, so every possible measure must be taken to prevent this from happening. Industry regulations, such as the privacy provisions of the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) have been put in place to protect consumers’ health care data and require “covered entities” with access to such sensitive personal data to provide adequate protections.

The shift from desktop to mobile has made it challenging for healthcare service providers to offer the same exceptional service they deliver on the desktop for today’s mobile centric patients while simultaneously complying with HIPPA privacy regulations.  A key concern is: will it be possible to extend their highly optimized and purpose built online services to the highly dynamic and fast paced mobile environment AND adhere to regulations?

In the case with Swrve, understanding these scenarios have helped us build a mobile marketing engagement platform that can operate without collecting personal information. As our customer, you are in control of what end user data is sent to us, and all of our features are fully available while you keep your end user data entirely safe and secure. This is made possible by randomly generating a unique anonymous Swrve ID for an end user, as well as the ability to accept de-identified data.

Healthcare service providers can avoid sharing PHI (Protected Health Information) through Swrve, whilst still delivering highly relevant, useful and contextual information to their patients. As part of your HIPAA compliant solution, Swrve enables you to finally extend the same exceptional service that you’ve optimized on the desktop for your mobile centric patients for an unparalleled 1:1 patient journey that is multi-channel.  

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