Swrve is one of 20 companies selected to embark on a 9-week program of learning, growth, and innovation with Salesforce. We are excited to refine our positioning and alignment with Salesforce and other partners in the ISV Ecosystem, and develop a go-to-market strategy that allows us to strategically align with Salesforce.

Through the Accelerate program, Salesforce supports its ISV partners with a mix of mentorship, advice and guidance, led by a network of experts with huge experience in helping businesses like ours grow and flourish as part of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Swrve provides a connector that enables a deep integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. This integration helps global brands deliver sophisticated mobile interactions in real time, while complementing and enhancing existing capabilities in Salesforce with Swrve’s best-in class mobile marketing features.

As a new member of the Accelerate program, we’re excited to find new ways to build on this partnership as consumer expectations for personal, multichannel, 1:1 experiences continue to grow.

We’ll share more updates as we move through the program so stay tuned!