Welcome to Swrve Quarterly, where we showcase our key product innovations and updates from the previous quarter. In this edition, we have updates across all of our solutions. From new email capabilities to more dynamic campaign builders, you’re equipped with the best tools to reach and engage your customers.

Without further ado, here are our Winter product highlights:

Swrve Joins the MessageGears Family

MessageGears, the world’s only warehouse-native marketing platform, welcomes Swrve to its family. Together, MessageGears and Swrve will accelerate customer engagement and personalization capabilities for leading digital-first brands across the globe.

This exciting new chapter brings tremendous benefits to our team, our customers, and large enterprise businesses worldwide.

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In-App Message Actions for Requesting Device Permissions

Before the release of Android 13, apps could send push messages to their users by default. Users could disable notifications from settings, but they would be enabled automatically upon installation. 

Thanks to a new opt-in system, apps targeting Android 13 must request permission from the user before displaying notifications. Like iOS, only when a user explicitly opts in can an app deliver push messages to their device.

Swrve’s Android SDK 10.9.0 adds support for triggering the permission request prompt directly from an in-app message campaign. This is perfect for providing additional context before you trigger the request and optimizing your campaign for higher opt-in rates.

We’ve also added new actions for iOS and Android that automatically direct a user to the app’s notification and settings pages. Use these options to target users who previously denied a permission and prompt them to manually grant the permission from the related settings page. 

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In-App Message Dynamic Elements

Introducing our newly enhanced in-app message editing experience—now with dynamic elements. Start building your message using one of our pre-built single-page or multi-page templates.

Use the template as it is or add and remove buttons, text boxes, and images directly in the content editor as needed.

Create your own custom element labels, duplicate the type and content of an element, or remove elements—all without affecting your existing page templates.

Completely customize your message to create the exact layout you need for your message content. 

From there, all you have to do is save and schedule your campaign to target a specific audience. It’s that simple.

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Holdout Support for Embedded Campaigns

As marketers, we’re always trying to prove and improve our impact. With every campaign we launch, audience we target, and message we send, we’re looking for positive results we can be excited about sharing with management and our teams.

But with so many factors at play, how do you measure the real impact of your campaigns? And how do you know if your efforts alone are moving the needle or if something else is influencing results?

Last year, Swrve launched Campaign Holdouts, so customers can now apply a control group to their messaging campaigns.

It works by excluding a set of users and then comparing key metrics between the users exposed to the campaign versus those who are not. The result: a more precise representation of campaign effectiveness and an understanding of its true value.

Swrve’s latest update extends support for Campaign Holdouts to Embedded Campaigns, further improving our reporting and optimization capabilities.

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Numeric Operator Support for In-App and Embedded Campaign Triggering

We’ve added numeric operators for setting payload conditions when triggering an in-app message or embedded campaign.

For example, only display the message when a user makes a purchase or leaves an item in their cart with a cost over 50.

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User Property Management

We’ve revamped the real-time user property configuration page to give you complete control over the custom user properties tracked in your Swrve app.

Create, archive, and configure user properties through the Manage user properties page for real-time personalization.

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Embedded Campaigns on Web

If you’re not already familiar with how embedded works, let us briefly explain.

Embedded campaigns exist within an app’s core UI, delivering personalized content to users without interrupting their in-app experience. 

Unlike traditional in-app overlays, embedded updates and personalizes the app UI using real-time user properties. Similar to push and standard in-app messaging, embedded is triggered by user behavior and preferences.

Until now, embedded campaigns were available across mobile and TV devices. Our recent update means you can also embed targeted, dynamic streams of content directly onto your website to create unique experiences for every web user.

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Duplicate In-App Message Pages

In 2022, we added Pages to our in-app messaging solution. The new feature opened up a world of possibilities for engaging users inside the app. Pages use multi-screen in-app messages to guide users through everything your app has to offer.

Easily build and edit up to 10 screens of interactive, customizable walkthroughs in a scrollable carousel format. And now, thanks to a recent development, duplicate your Pages for faster and more efficient campaign execution.

Already a Swrve customer? Contact your CSM to learn more about adding Pages to your in-app messaging campaigns.

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