This new release makes it easier than ever before to add apps to the Swrve ecosystem, and delivers further improvements to the on-boarding process.

We've also greatly simplified the addition of QA users: so you can test UX changes and campaigns against any device with minimum fuss.  

All your data, direct to your dashboard

New in this release, a daily download of your raw data will be available in your dashboard. You can choose between All Users, or random samples of either 5% or 10,000 users.

We will provide all your data for A/B test membership, events fired, items bought, segment membership and user properties, along with Swrve data. Each of these is a separate downloadable file containing cumulative information about users from the first day of integration up to today.

We’ll refresh the links each day, continuing to provide you with up-to-date information. Find your UserDB links under Reports > User DB Downloads.

The smaller files can be loaded into a spreadsheet, bigger downloads can be imported into a database for further queries and analysis.  

QA users: Exposed

We know it is sometimes a pain to locate your Swrve ID for QA user purposes. Whether you create your own unique ID to send to Swrve (best practice) or use a third party solution (ID for Vendor, Android ID, Unity ID), it’s not always easy to find.

Help is at hand. In the latest dashboard, you can expose the user IDs of the most recent users of your Swrve integrated app. We’ll associate a device type with the ID and you can simply click the link, give it a name, and add that device for QA purposes.

Click on Settings > QA Users and then +Add QA Device. You will be prompted to open your app on the device you want to use and hey presto, it will appear on your screen.

This is not recommended for apps in production, as there will be more than a few test users in the app at any given time, but it’s the easy way to add QA users while you’re testing.

Contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions about the latest release.