Digicel works hard to keep communities connected, informed, and empowered. With over 13 million customers in 31 markets, the popular telecom is known for being a reliable staple in the lives of their consumers, delivering the best value and service possible. 

To make a true impact on key objectives, however, the Digicel team knew it needed a way to speak to individual customers in real time with relevant communications in their customers’ local culture, idioms, and dialects. This type of 1:1 outreach would be the key to making their customers happier, their campaigns smarter, and their messaging more relevant than ever before.

Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms for the second year in a row, Swrve is designed to help leading brands confidently scale 1:1 communications across millions in real time. By partnering with Swrve, Digicel could reach app users with hyper relevant, A/B-optimized mobile push and in-app notifications that decrease service calls, increase retention, and drive significant lifts in plans purchased.

“We wanted a digital engagement platform that would allow us to speak to our users in a fast, engaging way, providing them with on-time, relevant information. Swrve is not only intuitive but also highly effective. Campaigns can be set up in minutes to target the right customers with timely and relevant information in their local language, which makes messaging even more engaging.”

Lola Akinyinka, Director of Digital Products 

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