Travel brands looking to stand out from the pack need to deliver mobile speed and convenience in more ways than one. This award-winning luxury airline carrier knew that in order to meet and exceed traveler expectations where it counts, they needed a customer engagement solution that could easily deliver valuable, 1:1 mobile interactions during individual traveler journey milestones and purchase decisions. To pull that off, however, three things were needed:

  • An integration with Salesforce: This global airline had an existing partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, therefore a seamless integration was necessary
  • Scale: As one of the largest luxury airlines in the Middle East, they needed a platform that could easily process and segment billions of customer actions at once to effectively scale communications
  • Perfect timing: Every second counts in travel; one late travel alert or irrelevant update  could severely compromise traveler satisfaction. A real-time solution was vital

Swrve was the perfect answer to this carrier’s needs. Our enterprise-grade triggering and targeting, AI-driven message delivery, and convenient integration with Salesforce produced incredible success for the airline. And after over 80 million hyper relevant push notifications sent and achieving an 82% engagement rate on those communications, this travel powerhouse is inspiring more loyalty and driving more repeated bookings than ever before. 

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