For any business, it’s more critical now than ever before to deliver customer experiences that are as convenient as they are valuable to move the needle on KPIs. KeyPoint Credit Union needed a solution that could deliver relevant interactions to their 600,000 plus membership in real time, all without compromising the quality of the messages they wanted to send. They chose Swrve to deploy valuable push notifications, geo-triggered campaigns, and rich, informative in-app messages that were hyper relevant and micro-targeted down to the individual user.

“We’ve found great success using Swrve in our campaigns. We’ve asked Swrve to elevate KeyPoint member experiences on mobile, and they’ve done exactly that. I’m excited to take our use of Swrve to the next level by incorporating more location-based campaigns that will be totally personalized to our members. We’ll deliver even more value exactly when it’s most relevant to them.”  

David Greene, Marketing Manager at KeyPoint Credit Union

Among other successes, KeyPoint established a 248% growth in monthly fast balance usage, along with other increases in the app’s payment feature, money transfer feature, and more.

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