Personalization alone isn’t enough. To really make an impact on core KPIs, mobile games teams need to anticipate and act on player needs as they occur live and in real time. Because in today’s experience economy, showing up just a minute too late in the player journey can be a missed opportunity for stronger engagement, better retention, and greater monetization. 

As one of the world’s top 5 iOS games developers (by revenue) in the world, Playrix works hard to meet player expectations. Upon entering their partnership with Swrve, Playrix was looking for a way to speak to players as individuals across their journeys. They required a solution that could scale to generate 1:1 engagement with these players at critical points in their journeys, and anticipate and trigger relevant engagement based on user behaviors in real time. 

“Swrve’s real-time behavioral analytics, dynamic segmentation, and localized personalization all operate simultaneously and at exceptional speed and scale. That alone has given our team the flexibility and agility needed to speak to players and take relevant action exactly when and where it counts for our bottom line,” says Maxim Kirilenko, Business Development Director at Playrix.

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