Tony Huidor was on a roll. Cinedigm’s SVP of Product and Technology & General Manager of Digital Networks had a ton to share about the evolution of media and entertainment, exciting new initiatives at Cinedigm, and the role that Swrve plays in all of it. He sat confidently, spoke clearly, and gave us all a lesson in how to give a great interview.

The Swrve film crew couldn’t be happier about the wealth of information he shared, and the great takes it produced. “We’ll have so much footage to choose from!”

Of course, his love of Swrve played a major part in his willingness to open up. The detail of how our customer engagement platform increased his email opt-in rates from a standard 1% to an impressive 20-30% was especially noteworthy. Not to mention how much Swrve helped unify his viewer engagement strategy, allowing his team to leverage a true multichannel approach to outreach.

Alex Viglione, Director of Product at Cinedigm, was bright and energetic on set. When she hit her stride, she quipped, “Don’t judge me, I’m Italian so I talk with my hands.” We laughed because we loved her enthusiasm, and it felt good knowing that it was connected to what she’s able to achieve with Swrve. “It’s definitely made my job more efficient…more creative… It’s a whole new route to communicating with customers,” she said. 

Towards the end of her interview, Alex flashed a proud smile and delivered the winning line of the day, “Swrve tripled our mobile engagement rates.” She was open in sharing how features unique to Swrve, like our ad-to-app continuity feature, have helped advance the timing and targeting of Cinedigm’s multichannel efforts. “Swrve has made my user journeys more seamless and more relevant right from the start. I'm able to go from Facebook, take an ad on there and take my user directly from social media into the app.” 

Not only are Tony and Alex doing amazing work at Cinedigm, but they’re also changing the face of customer experience, breaking down data silos, and leading exciting innovation around engaging across popular platforms and channels. And we couldn’t be happier that they’ve chosen to partner with Swrve to make it happen. 

Even though the cameras have stopped rolling, there’s still a ton to learn from these leaders in media and entertainment. Be the first to know to see what Cinedigm does next. Download the CONtv app and watch their amazing content on every type of device this side of a fax machine.

Watch their completed video with Swrve here.