Before our director could yell Take Two!, onlookers were gushing about how great the Uken team looked and sounded on camera. 

It was true. 

Their eyes were bright. Their smiles were sincere.  And even with a camera in their faces, they appeared quite natural and spoke with great confidence. What gives? Well, aside from knowing their games and campaigns like the back of their hands (like the true experts they are), they had a genuine love of Swrve that made talking about their success with real-time relevance as simple as discussing the weather.

If you’ve already watched their video interview, you know what we mean. Veronica Rojas, the team’s product manager, mentioned on set that, “if we weren't using Swrve on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, it would be so much more challenging to actually reach our users. We would definitely have to create some sort of internal system to actually reach those users, and effectively, Swrve already exists and It's really great at what it does.” That level of appreciation doesn’t exist across all mobile marketing and customer engagement platforms, and Swrve is proud to be among the few that lead the industry in such critical ways. 

Uken Games producer Maggie McLean kept us all laughing with well-timed zingers on set. But when she wasn’t joking around, she was telling us how instrumental Swrve was in helping her scale 1:1 communications across markets. “Swrve's filter features are really, really versatile and valuable. We have a game that is in several languages, and it's so easy to just target specific areas using the language that we want. So that means our English players aren't getting German Swrve messages, and our German players are getting German Swrve messages. It's so easy to set up. It could have been a nightmare, but Swrve made it really easy,” said McLean. In today’s experience economy, language-based personalization is vital to stay relevant everywhere with customers.  

Our third interviewee, Nick Van Vugt, is a proud Community Lead for Uken Games. Not only did he admit that he’s lucky enough to work with his best friends, but he also mentioned that he’s a strong believer in choosing a solution that can provide the best people at the helm for customer support. “Ultimately, what it comes down to is whether or not trying to resolve [mobile marketing and customer engagement] issues yourself is going to be as cost effective as just doing something that is already made for you, and working with people that are going to be looking after you in the way that Swrve does.” We couldn’t agree more. 

We had an excellent time shooting and getting to know Maggie, Veronica, and Nick at Uken Games. Not only are these the faces behind some of your favorite games (Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Jeopardy! World Tour) but they’re the customer engagement experts breaking down data silos, moving the needle on key KPIs, and leading exciting innovation around player experience. And the best part is—the team’s just getting started. Keep a lookout on what they do next by following Uken Games on Twitter. 

And if you haven’t already, watch the video and read the full case study to get all the details around their success delivering real-time relevance with Swrve