Some people are at home in front of an audience. But even the most stage-worthy of us can fumble when speaking in front of a full camera crew and audience. Angela Seeley, Mobile Channel Marketing Manager at Wall Street English International, however, was a natural. From the very start of her interview, she was calm, eloquent, and bright when speaking about her success using our platform. “Swrve makes it possible for us to actually speak to our students about the amazing experience that our product team and our service teams are delivering,” she shared.

Of course, her clarity of speech came from a genuine love of the Swrve platform, and the clear, measurable results Wall Street English have achieved using it. Especially noteworthy was the increase of 448k additional app sessions recorded among Swrve-engaged users—showing that those users were studying English more often and progressing more quickly through their courses.

Angela’s eyes brightened when she spoke about her Swrve user experience. She noted that the Swrve SDK requires no hard coding to integrate, which made is simple for Wall Street English to focus on what really mattered straight away—seeing results from their campaigns. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s had great support by her side. And it hasn’t hurt that she’s had great support by her side. “We’re really happy with the Swrve customer success team,” Angela said. “Our product team have felt really comfortable that they can reach out to the Swrve team, get bespoke support when they need it.”

When asked if he was ready for his close up, Ivan Croxford, Head of Marketing Programs Development at Wall Street English, grinned and replied, “Always.” While giving a high-level overview of the role Swrve plays in Wall Street English’s success, Ivan explained how the value of Swrve was apparent within a week of implementing the platform. “We started to see the impact almost immediately. Over a period of about six weeks, our app store rating, globally, went from 2.8 to over 4.5 stars.” 

When asked about the future, Ivan detailed his excitement about the possibilities that Swrve presents to Wall Street English, and not just for marketing efforts, but across departments. “It’s becoming an increasingly important tool for global communications…and we now have a deeper appreciation of the sort of things we can do across a multichannel environment,” he said.

Ivan and Angela truly believe in the power of reaching the students of Wall Street English with real-time relevant messaging on mobile. Every single day, they’re elevating engagement, inspiring action, and making lessons more valuable to individual students with Swrve.

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