As the first telecom to offer mobile broadband anywhere in the world over ten years ago, Three UK has always worked to break barriers and offer real value and convenience to their customers. To drive greater awareness around new offers and products, the Three UK team needed a next-generation customer engagement partner that could deliver hyper targeted campaigns and unify campaign experiences at scale. Three UK chose Swrve to modernize their path to purchase, refine targeting and triggering, and deliver hyper relevant messaging with perfect timing, in real time. 

Their team never looked back. Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms for the second year in a row, Swrve is designed to deliver better, not more, customer touches across channels with real-time relevance. By partnering with Swrve, Three UK could deliver hyper targeted, personalized campaigns that highlight new promotions and add-ons, offer product information, request customer feedback, and more.

“Customer experiences are core to our business. Swrve is giving us the ability to inform, engage, and assist customers at scale with 1:1 messaging in real time. This is a game changer for us, as more customers are opening our app more often, our engagement is increasing, and we’ve enjoyed great achievements, including a 79% lift in revenue in a single quarter with Swrve.”

- Sam Robertson, Product Executive at Three UK

With Swrve, Three UK generated a 79% lift in revenue, a 47% increase in average time spent in-app, a 24% lift in add-ons sold, along with significant increases in monthly active users, onboarding completion, and more. 

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Three UK isn’t alone. Leaders at Sony, Condé Nast, Digicel, Emirates and more are all benefiting from real-time relevance with Swrve. Register for a demo today to learn how you can too.