The stakes are high for mobile games. With only 1.6% of players actually making an in-app purchase, and 72% of players limiting themselves to just one purchase before leaving the app for good, customer experiences in mobile games need to keep players intrigued, invested, feeling valued to avoid serious drops in engagement, retention, and lifetime value. 

Uken Games needed to keep players engaged, informed, and coming back for more—they chose Swrve to send targeted in-app notifications to players alerting them of rewards they’ve earned, new levels, new features, address service issues, update game settings, and more, and deliver surveys at optimal times of engagement using Swrve's AI and machine learning capabilities, with one drawing in over 17,000 clicks. 

“We can stay relevant with our players because we have the capabilities to be flexible and act with immediacy. Using Swrve has allowed us to go from idea phase to action extremely quickly when it comes to reaching out to our users. It’s a great tool for those who want to have a deeper level of control and user outreach in their mobile apps without the need for new builds or other complex methods.”

Maggie McLean, producer at Uken Games

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