We all know that data is where it’s at these days. Without it, you’re nothing. With it - you’ve got a chance. And it’s not just data from one source. Real success means integrating real-time information from multiple sources and channels to give a true ‘360 degree’ picture of both your customer, your business, and the outside world.

That’s the kind of insight you can really act on - and that’s why we’re delighted to partner with Segment to help make it happen.

Swrve already incorporates the ability to integrate multiple data streams, both from other marketing platforms, internal systems, and indeed third party sources of data about the world around us - like the weather for example. And at the same time, we enable the billions of events that we collect every day to be shared across your organization.

But there’s no doubting that our partnership with Segment makes us more open than ever before. No organization automates the collection and distribution of data from so many sources as Segment, and many of our customers and prospects already work with Segment to share data across the organization and drive relevance and effectiveness within campaigns and interactions as a result.

This partnership means that all the detailed, granular mobile data that Swrve collects is now available to more channels than ever before - and more Swrve campaigns can be informed by a greater variety of data. And of course that’s not limited to mobile. As Swrve moves to cover OTT media streaming, desktop and other emerging channels, alongside Segment we bring great insight and great intelligence to every channel that counts!