As Director of Strategic Accounts at Swrve, I’ve worked closely with some of the largest names in media and entertainment, mobile games, financial services and telecommunications on their brands’ digital transformation. I look forward to sharing the incredible experiences I’ve picked up along the way, offering key insights for success in today’s customer experience economy with senior leaders and decision makers at my upcoming roundtable discussion at Digital Transformation Connect. 

The event, which takes place from September 9-11 in San Diego, California, will be the perfect opportunity to explore the latest trends evolving customer experience. In the Swrve roundtable discussion, The Experience Economy: How Customer-Centric Marketing Accelerates Growth, I’ll delve into how to keep up with today’s always-connected customers, share examples of what’s working and what’s not, and the opportunities that today’s marketers have to lead as change agents for their brands. You’ll learn:

  • How customer expectations have changed, and how we need to shift our marketing strategies
  • How customer-first companies are growing faster, and better, than their counterparts
  • Strategies for making your marketing more relevant and customer-centric.

Join me at Digital Transformation Connect. You’ll leave thinking about the myriad of opportunities for growth at your company, and the strategies needed to take action on them. 

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