Delivering connected, relevant customer experiences requires advanced technology solutions. From driving traffic to bricks-and-mortar stores for brands in retail, to increasing engagement in customer satisfaction surveys in travel apps, location-based marketing elevates your customers' experience by understanding their physical behavior, along with in-app behaviors.

Location-based marketing enables communications over digital channels between brands and customers at specified physical locations. You will have heard of it before, and the ability to deliver location-based marketing is nothing new. But with Swrve’s update to geo targeting and triggering, we’re giving marketers the ability to combine real-time behavioral filters with location-based targeting and triggering to create and deliver campaigns that are more relevant and contextual than ever.

The result is significantly higher conversions compared to campaigns that are not location aware or only so in a limited fashion.

In the past Swrve has relied on third-party solutions to power our location-based targeting. In building our own solution, Swrve brings geo wholly into our own tech stack and user data umbrella and ensures that it stays reliable (remember at Swrve we’re proud of our incomparable 99.99% uptime) and within regulations from operational systems and other platforms. To understand some of the possibilities available to you, let’s take a look at some use cases:

  • Deliver relevant offers to customers who arrive at (or leave) a geofenced location. For example a push notification offering 10% off purchases in-store that day
  • Harness the true power of Swrve by triggering campaigns to specific target audiences based on their historical behavior, whether in-app, purchase, or location behavior to treat regular customers different from new customers
  • Intercept customers at your competitors’ locations with ‘geo-conquesting’ campaigns to entice them to your store instead, be it a physical location or online
  • Build granular customer profiles by collecting behavioral and location relevant data about customers at any location or premise: even those you don’t own
  • Utilize contextual insights to retarget consumers who frequent your physical store on any channel—mobile, email, web, social
  • Turbo-charge your loyalty program by prompting customers at the exact time and place they can use their membership
  • Measure ROI of campaigns by comparing foot traffic across different locations.

At the heart of all this is relevance. Swrve’s geo solution gives brands the ability to be truly relevant and contextual in real world scenarios, combining historical behaviour and real-time location, to create deeper connections and valuable relationships. 

To find out more about Swrve’s geo targeting and triggering, talk with one of our customer experience experts today