We’re delighted to announce our new Webhooks support!

Swrve is now the only mobile marketing automation platform to support Webhooks. They are the final piece of our Open Platform Initiative, connecting your customer’s mobile app data and your other marketing systems across all platforms.

No longer send email campaigns based solely on web browsing history or send push notifications based only on actions inside the app. You can trigger marketing campaigns on any channel informed by a user’s complete omni-channel profile.

Customers don’t limit their experience with a brand to one platform - app or web - and now marketers don’t have to either when you want to effectively engage with consumers. With Swrve Webhooks, marketers can now trigger non-app campaigns - such as SMS, email, or online display - based on your app data.

For example, if a user has not opened an app in two weeks, a simple mobile marketing campaign might send a push notification encouraging them to return. But with Swrve’s Open Platform, data might reveal that while the user hasn’t logged into the app, they have interacted with the brand online. Instead of a push notification, which might come off as spammy, the marketing campaign could trigger an email offer that would encourage the customer to complete a purchase. This omni-channel approach to data-driven marketing ultimately provides a better, more personalized user experience, building brand loyalty and driving revenue.

The Swrve Open Platform already included a Transactional Push API, which uses online or email data (or data from any non-app source) to trigger a mobile campaign. The combination of the Transactional Push API and Webhooks completes the Open Platform promise of bi-directional data sharing and campaign triggering - now fully available. A united customer experience across all platforms, without technological barriers, is now possible.

Some of our partners include: Sendgrid, Mailchimp, ExactTarget, and Nexmo. See Swrve webhooks in action today.