The first decade of “Martech-as-a-Service” is almost over. Those of us working in the industry have witnessed amazing innovations that have transformed marketers’ daily work lives, and set the bar high for 2020 and beyond. 

Swrve, founded in 2011, has expanded and grown with each passing year—continually adding valuable features to our real-time customer engagement platform, and delivering measurable business value to each of our customers. In 2019, we did not slow down and the announcement detailing our platform’s deep integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud made the headlines. As a core integration that drives real-time relevance, and delivers measurable value to global brands, it’s no surprise to us that this announcement was featured again this week in MarTech Series’ ‘Rewinding 2029: Top 200 News in MarTech that Sets the Bar for 2020-2024’.

And it’s no wonder why: Swrve expands on Oracle’s offering by bringing real-time relevance to mobile experiences. Our deep integration ensures that the full power of the Swrve platform can be used to help Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys customers identify and act on the needs of individual mobile users in real time, to significantly increase mobile engagement rates and lifting revenue for global brands everywhere.

“Swrve, together with Oracle Eloqua, now place mobile marketing campaigns on equal footing with email and web initiatives, thanks to a partnership that provides Swrve’s unique platform to joint customers. Unlike stand-alone analytics tools, Swrve processes real-time behavioral data from multiple sources, builds audiences, and triggers messaging based on user behavior, ensuring that organizations reach more mobile customers with relevant messaging.”

Tara Ryan, CMO at Swrve

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