Covid-19 has made digital transformation a top priority for brands looking to bounce back after the pandemic. As bricks-and-mortar stores struggle to comply with social distancing requirements, innovative solutions are surging to the frontline to help businesses adjust, continue operating during this crisis, and optimize for more connected customer experiences in the future.

One such tool is Qminder. Qminder is a queuing solution for safe, touch-free customer service. Crucially, it enables brands with physical locations to greet, inform, and interact with their customers while maintaining safe physical distance. With neat ordering and sequencing functionality, it avoids lengthy queues, and speeds up services that require physical interaction, minimizing the possibility of overcrowding.

To help our customers combat the effects of Covid-19 on their business, Swrve created a seamless integration with Qminder that allows our customers to order and sequence their customers based on their unique actions within the app, and trigger personalized, rich messages that help customers navigate their interaction with the brand. These actions can be anything from a customer breaking a geofence near a store, or requesting medication prescription for collection, or queue placement for busy stores.

Some key areas where Qminder is helping Swrve customers are:

Elimination of lines with virtual sign-in and queuing

Setting up virtual queues is an essential way to avoid customers waiting at your location, making social distancing easy. By letting customers check in, or file paperwork online, businesses can collect necessary info on customers in advance, for example if it is a medical appointment, or simply alert customers of their current queue status or possible delays.

Management of check-ins and peak hours

For businesses starting to reopen, many are seeing floods of customers after months of lockdown. But since it is still imperative to stay within social distancing guidelines, businesses need to manage crowd control, while staying at safe distances. The advantage of having an automated process is that it saves crucial time, and helps customers complete their business without incident!

Substitution of costly phone calls with real-time, mobile-first messaging

Call centres do more damage than just taking up lots of time, they are also the one of the most costly ways of communicating with customers there is. With Swrve, seamlessly integrate your mobile-first message with Qminder to trigger push notifications based on key in-app events. 

To learn more about Swrve’s integration with Qminder, talk to one of our mobile experts here.