MAU Vegas (Mobile Apps Unlocked) brought together the leading minds in mobile growth for two days of keynotes, panel discussions, and seminars. With companies and research analysts sharing data-driven insights and actionable takeaways on growing acquisition and retention in mobile, Swrve was delighted to showcase it’s one-of-a-kind marketing and customer engagement platform, the same one that’s helped leading brands confidently scale communications over millions of customers in real time.

Our experts on the ground traded insights, business cards, and some killer swag over in-depth conversations about Swrve’s unique ability to create relevant experiences across millions of customers in real time. We also sponsored the Speakers Room where we were privy to some illuminating discussions that highlighted a few not-so-surprising traits that are common for global brands in the mobile space today, along with key learnings that will inform the next year’s worth of developments in the mobile marketing industry.

Here are our key takeaways from the event:

Great Customer Experiences Need Great Data

Using data to deliver better customer experiences is not a new trick in the mobile marketing playbook. But even today, we still see brands sending “batch and blast” messaging to large segments of mobile app users, instead of using data to create deeply targeted, hyper relevant campaigns. Brands who continue to do this will see their customer loyalty and lifetime value continuously fall short of their competitors, meaning using data correctly is more of a need than ever.

Your Acquisition Will Only Be As Good As Your Retention

Not so long ago acquisition was once the metric marketers used to discern success of their brand’s app. But this has changed exponentially as app’s face more and more competition in their space, and lower customer loyalty levels than ever before. The solution? Putting more of our mobile marketing budgets into engagement and retention strategies that will inspire loyalty, increased customer lifetime value, and deliver revenues to your brand. Want proof? Check out how Movember increased their engagement by 3x in one quarter using this tactic.

Relevance Will Be Rewarded (and Vice-Versa For Irrelevant Messages)

Being relevant is no longer an option. It's imperative for meeting KPIs and delivering the value customers are looking for when they interact with your brand. Recent research by Twilio shows that 84% of consumers think that brand messages are irrelevant to them. And worse, Accenture reports that 61% of instances of consumers switching brands is due to lack of relevance. Which is simply too big a number for marketers in mobile to ignore.

Ready to use the insights listed here to take your mobile strategy to the next level? See the power of real-time relevance in action, and learn how Swrve can help you and your team unlock bigger conversions, increase your MAUs, and drive stronger retention than ever before.