If you’re a regular reader of the Swrve blog chances are we don’t really need to lecture you on the scale and size of the mobile opportunity. One number will suffice - something north of $58 billion in revenue is expected to pass through the smartphone in 2016. That’s an awful lot of revenue.

Given that is the case, it is no surprise at all to see selling on mobile move from niche interest to the mainstream. There are a number of reasons for this. A younger generation are very much ‘mobile first’ in their screen habits, and for them buying in mobile is natural in a way it perhaps isn’t for more seasoned consumers - the author included. Phone screens are getting larger, making the sometimes fiddly process of buying a little simpler. And mobile UI is evolving: that fiddly process is getting less complex with every passing month as retailers put real effort into making the mobile purchase process as seamless, and frictionless, as possible.

So the outlook is most definitely good. But of course, challenges remain. Whilst the factors we spoke of above are moving things along, obstacles relating to UI, screen size and demographics remain. And they are compounded by the fact that there are an awful lot of organizations selling on retail and competing for attention.

Traditional retailers have woken up to the need for a native mobile presence. The giants (and minnows) of e-commerce have moved to mobile. And now we have a whole range of mobile-first retailers, making the space more congested than ever. As a result it remains hard to get - and stay - on the consumer’s phone screen.

To succeed in that environment, it is necessary to deliver the best possible experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle, whilst ensuring that (for multi-channel organizations) you present as seamless and integrated face to the customer as possible. And in true Swrve style, we’ve created a whitepaper to help you do just that.

We work with some of the world’s leading mobile businesses, and we’ve helped an awful lot of mobile purchases along the way. So we know a thing or two about the subject. If you’d like to benefit from some of our wisdom, just download it here.